Thursday, 29 November 2018

How do I change my name in Truecaller?

1. The best and easiest way to change your details is within the app. See below for instructions on various platform.
  • Open app and tap on Menu buttonMenu_button.png.
  • Tap 'Edit profile'. (screenshots below)
  • Open and tap on Menu button Menu_button.png.
  • Tap 'Edit profile'. (screenshots below)
2. If you're not a Truecaller user, kindly go to our webpage:
  • Search your number > tap on "Suggest a better name" (middle names are supported). Note, we have to approve the suggested name.
  • For faster approval, please send an e-mail with your phone number including the country code and your name.
Important: If you’ve recently updated your profile it may take up to 24 hours for your details to be updated.
It’s also possible that your phone has locally saved the old information. We suggest that you clear the search entry of your number in the app. If you have an Android device you can also go to your 'phone settings > Apps > Truecaller > Clear Cache' then try again.